»Grotto« is a slab serif typeface that plays with combining different visual outputs: elegant/robust, sharp/round. Its intended use is editorial design. The text style is optimised for small sizes and continuous reading. Unlike most slab serifs it has more contrast and very calligraphic italics, making the overall feel less robust. The heavy style emphasises on rigidness and sharpness, designed specifically to fill the white space as much as possible for compact headline use. In contrast, the hairline style is airy and elegant with round shapes and rather lively italics. All the styles give a different visual output but they all share details, creating consistency throughout the whole family.

Borna Aaron Grčević (HR)

Hello, I am a visual and type designer from Croatia. After finishing my master at School of Design in Zagreb I wanted to expand my knowledge in type design. I like to work both in visual and type design fields. Currently I live and work in California.

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