Inspired by the world of​ ​motorsports and hypercars, Driver is a modern interpretation of the squarish styles from the​ ​sixties and the aesthetics of car races.​ The smaller version is a four axis variable font that adapts to a responsive​ ​interface, enabling the designer to link visual parameters of the​ ​typeface to conditions like luminosity, size and background color. The bigger version is a typeface intended​ ​for branding and editorial environments, inspired by racing banners. It includes six sets of decorated figures.

Pablo Gámez Navarro (ES)

Holding a degree in Graphic Design, he started working for some design studios in Spain and his work was recognised with two Laus Awards. He also directed Typomad Festival between 2013 and 2015. After Graduating at Type and Media, he works as a freelance Type Designer for Bold Monday, while developing other independent projects.

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