»Gustav« is a typeface system that reflects on the super-elliptic design space and dives into the heritage of German type design of the early and mid 1950s like the work of Georg Trump, Hermann Zapf and Friedrich H. E. Schneidler. »Gustav« aims to be used in editorial design. It consists of serif and sans-serif family members. The serifs with their corresponding bold and italics are aimed for medium length texts. The sans-serif members which are much more outspoken, are to be used in headlines.

Sven Fuchs (DE)

Sven Fuchs is a designer focused on type design, typography and code. Sven is one of the founders of Typocalypse, a typographic collective and type foundry in Saarbrucken. He teaches workshops and was a lecturer at the Saar College of Fine Arts and University of Applied Sciences Trier.

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