«Pigeon», pronounced in faux French, is a typeface made to help writers working with text: from outlining to drafting, editing, and preparing manuscripts for output. It brings the sketchiness of handwriting and the simplicity of typewriters to digital text editing.

Despite its proportional design, it has a monospaced feel. It is widely spaced, airy and charmingly awkward, but with a smooth texture and no ugly black spots.

Bold and italic text, as well as figures, punctuation and diacritics stand out and are quickly identifiable, helping the editing process. A regular roman and italic and also a bold roman, covering Latin and Cyrillic scripts, provide a palette of useful tools that stay out of the way and let writers do their thing.

Romina Hernández (MX)

Ro Hernández is a designer from Mexico City. She first trained as a Bachelor in Industrial Design, but quickly developed a passion for letters and devoted most of her time to learning calligraphy, typography and type design.

While working at a small graphic design shop, she earned a post diploma in ”Type Innovation” (whatever that means) from centro university and then, not having had enough of it, moved to The Hague for another year of type at TypeMedia.

She’s currently back in Mexico doing freelance type work, making tea and petting cats. Also: She’s a «she», which is both very important and not at all.

website • hernandezz.net
instagram • ro.hernandezz
mail • ro@hernandezz.net