Chariots of Fire

Theatrical, grandiose and historically inaccurate. Chariots of Fire is a costume drama in a typeface.

My mission was to mix various expressive styles within the same family, and see how far I could take it. This journey brought about 4 weights called Style, Class, Flair & Panache: a roman for display, a roman for text, the italic companion and one extended joker-face. Also, there’s a set of small caps with suddenly no serifs. ”Surprise Sans” I like to call them little ones.

I wanted to dedicate this piece of work to Vangelis, but accidentally purchased a picture of Demis Roussos instead. Chariots of Fire is currently unreleased and will probably stay that way, as things go, Warner Bros. holds a serious trademark to the same title.

Eino Korkala (FI)

Eino Korkala is a freelancing hermit currently living but slowly dying in Helsinki.

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