«Optique» is a multilingual typeface design project for Latin and Hangul in optical sizes. It is a serif typeface based on the tools of each script; broad nib for Latin and pointed brush for Hangul. «Optique» simplifies the shapes of Latin and Hangul whilst preserving the way of writing for each script. It is designed with the intention to achieve harmonization; to let the two scripts appear as one.

It consists of three styles: text regular, display regular and bold. «Optique Text» has lower contrast and larger x-height than the display versions. «Optique Display» versions are intended to stand out and create a mood which entices the reader into the text. They have high contrast with more pronounced serifs.

Eunyou Noh (KR)

Eunyou Noh is a type designer and researcher from South Korea. She earned her Ph.D. in visual communications at Hongik University, her thesis was a study on Choi Jeong-ho’s Hangul type designs. She started teaching Hangul type design for several universities, including Hongik. In 2012-2015, Eunyou Noh worked as a senior researcher at Ahn Graphics Typography Lab. She moved to the Netherlands in 2016, to participate in the TypeMedia course at KABK. Eunyou currently lives in The Hague, working on a multi-script project.

mail • nohtype@gmail.com