A variable font project with letter shapes inspired by English letter forms from around the 1780s, mainly Richard Austin, hence the name. With a weight axis for hierarchy in texts and an optical size axis in order to make small and larger text sizes look good. This project is an exploration in variable fonts. The goal was to learn about it, build workflow solutions, and have fun.

This project is meant for typography on the screen. Browsers can take advantage of variable fonts, optical size can be automated and with CSS and JavaScript all the styles of the variable font can be accessed. One font, many styles: the future.

Thom Janssen (NL)

Thom Janssen is a designer with a strong love for the technical side of type design. “Knowing how typefaces work under the hood is fascinating”. Currently Thom works as a freelance type engineer for some foundries. And as a researcher at PXL, Hasselt University.

twitter • @thomhendrik
mail • thom@hallotype.nl