Veld aims to be a utilitarian workhorse that gets the job done without much fuss. It is a low contrast sans serif with a large x-height, initially created with a broad nib marker and some tool rotation. There is a visibly humanistic element, this motion and quality is highlighted in heavy turns and brush stroke-like flat endings. It maximises the surface area of each letter, especially in the black weights, to get the most out of any given medium. A modest approach to conventional forms that are not overly refined. A display family designed for large scale use in the physical environment, with distance in mind. Inspired by the hand painted vernacular of industrial and agricultural signs in South Africa. Striking a balance between functional and quirky. While not typically following any British or German grotesque model, it admires qualities of each . Offering a different take on an every day sans serif. The name Veld, comes from the Afrikaans word for the wild grass/open grasslands native to South Africa.

Daniel Coull (ZA)

Daniel, is a type designer and self-taught lettering artist from South Africa. He studied Visual Communications at Vega School, Durban. Developing his hand at brush lettering early on, his attention soon turned to drawing letters. In 2016, he moved to The Hague, to pursue an MA in Type & Media at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK), Netherlands. Since graduating, Daniel has returned to South Africa to continue freelancing - with a focus on type design.

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